The Mortality Reporting in the MSM Related to the Coronavirus Is Overstated and Needs to be Audited

There is something very wrong with the reporting related to the China  coronavirus.  Current reporting is manipulated in an effort to keep the virus alive and the the media regurgitates these numbers in constant negative over-the-top reporting. These numbers need to be audited now.

We’ve reported on the fraudulent reporting related to the China coronavirus in the past, for example:

1. Deaths unrelated to the coronavirus like motorcycle accidents and gun shot wounds are reported as COVID-19 related deaths.

2. Deaths where the China coronavirus is assumed to be related are counted as COVID-19 deaths, even though no formal evidence is obtained.

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3. Related to the above, only around 1% of all Coronavirus deaths have no additional co-morbidity. This means that nearly all of the COVID deaths had other symptoms along with the coronavirus. But when reporting on mortality of COVID-19, this is for the most part ignored.

4. We also have noted that COVID-19 overall mirrors the mortality rates of a bad flu season. Based on current data the current mortality rates from the China coronavirus are within expectations for an above-average flu season with the exception of New York and New Jersey.

So based on all this information, why is it that the public is still so scared of the China coronavirus?

Of course, the main reason COVID-19 is still a major concern in America is because the MSM reports on it day in and day out based on fraudulent data they are being provided.

The manner in which data related to the China coronavirus is obtained and reported is a fraud.

On March 17, 2020, we were the first to identify that the WHO and the WHO’s Director General Tedros were pushing fraudulent numbers regarding the expected mortality of the coronavirus. The WHO grossly over-stated the mortality rate of the virus by implying it would be 3.4% or at least 30 times more than the flu and COVID-19’s current mortality rate.

Knowing that the reporting on the China coronavirus was fraudulent before, we decided to look into the current reporting on mortality that appears to show the coronavirus mortality increasing dramatically over the past few weeks.

What we uncovered is that the reporting on deaths related to the coronavirus is misrepresented due to the method deaths are reported in the media.

Instead of reporting deaths by the date of death, the reporting used by the MSM is by date death is reported. Most deaths related to the coronavirus occurred weeks ago.

Here is an example from Florida:

The media reports the number of deaths by the date the death is reported. By reporting deaths on date reported, deaths that occurred weeks ago are reported this week, overstating this week’s deaths and understating prior period deaths.

What Dr. Bostom shows is that the peak for coronavirus deaths was reached in early July in Florida (top chart). But the MSM uses the date the death is reported which shows a picture that looks like the peak number of COVID-19 deaths occurred this past week and is growing. The method used by the MSM is inaccurate and yet the MSM continues to report in this manner.

Dr. Bostom shares:

Americans want the truth. We give it to them.  The government needs to audit the fraudulent practices used by the CDC in their reporting of the coronavirus. 

The CTP and the MSM need to be investigated for promoting this lie.

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