Nongprue Police arrest man accused of threatening local residents and police with a knife in the Pattaya area

Police have arrested a 48 year old man, who reportedly tested positive for methamphetamine, who is accused of holding a knife and running around threatening residents and police in Nongprue earlier this week.

First, here is the video of the capture:

Captain Chanchai Sangansak of the Nongprue Police told The Pattaya News that earlier this week they arrested a 48 year old Thai man named to the press as Sumet Hongjaroen from Phetchabun.

He was accused of holding a knife and running and shouting loudly at local residents. Witnesses to the incident were afraid that Sumet might hurt other people. Sumet was arrested with the assistance of multiple officers and was uncooperative, having to be forcibly arrested with the assistance of a net gun and poles used to detain the suspect.

Sumet was found with methamphetamine in his urine test according to Captain Chanchai. Sumet is facing multiple charges including resisting arrest, brandishing a deadly weapon in public and public disturbance charges.

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